How We Engage Our Supporters at Hand!

The donor community, through its Solidarity and Willingness of Volunteers across the Globe to contribute, helps to address disruptive community challenges in various Locations of Uganda and Beyond. Every year, the mandate for fund raising and fund management is entrusted to the most dedicated WDF Volunteers and Humanitarians, which has a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy in fulfilling its obligations to the Donors..

Since its inception, more than 50,000 USD has been raised through One-on-One Donation Drives, Online Fund Raising Platforms all in favor of our most pressing causes at hand that our Volunteers are always willing to create awareness on and make the world a Better place for the Vulnerable people to be proud of the transformation WDF is bringing at their footsteps.

  • The most straightforward way to contribute is to fund our operations by making a donation (Monthly or One-Time)
  • Let us know about your skills, expertise, and motivation, and you might be able to join our team.
  • Become one of our partners and help us successfully implement programs in complex and often austere environments.
  • Set-Up In-Country Fundraiser, and so much more!
Global Change Makers

WDF has developed a wide network of key Volunteers across the Globe and Country Representatives who act as our Immediate Partners through our efficient, effective, and transparent projects and financial management. WDF always strives to improve its work and is open to feedback from external stakeholders in the Communities of our operations as well as responding to complaints is an important part of improving WDF’s accountability Module.