At Wilmat Development Foundation,

We aim at enhancing Voices of  Grassroot Communities through People Centered Advocacy as a way to redirect National and Global development towards inclusive Community socioeconomic development for Women, Young mothers, Adolescent Girls, and marginalized communities at all levels of engagement. To dissolve these entrenched inequalities at the grassroots which impact more of the marginalized persons, particularly women and youth have been at the Centre of what we do since inception in amplifying community-led advocacy Voices through community driven approaches.

We work with various Partners and Consortium members (strategic, developmental and technical) at various levels ranging from grassroots, national, regional, and global levels to influence change in line with the National and Global development plans at hand and WDF’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

What makes Our Advocacy Efforts Unique?

Through our Advocacy efforts, we aim at enabling the attainment of greater impact and increased accountability for commitments that are made at various levels of engagement to fight poverty and inequality in decision making, planning and service delivery to communities.

Through Community Driven Advocacy we aim at:

  • Amplifying Community Voices to call for inclusive food and nutrition systems, social economic justice, inclusive Budgetary processes, gender, and climate justice.
  • Enabler to peace building and Mediation initiatives among women & Youth.
  • Enable greater accountability amongst those responsible for upholding rights.
  • Placing Women, Youth and marginalized communities at the front and Centre of our Programs.
  • Enabler to systems and policies to be more responsive to the priorities and rights of Women and Youths at the Grassroots.

Among our Key Program priorities at hand:

  • Community Social advocacy.
  • Food Security, Nutrition & WASH Practices.
  • Inclusive Social Economic development.
  • Peace building and Mediation through Community Peace Ambassadors.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights.
  • Inclusive Community Driven Budgetary, Monitoring & Expenditure Tracking Processes.
  • Among Other Initiatives in line with our Strategic Plan and Theory of Change.

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We work with a wide range of Developmental and Funding Partners in all Fields of Competence as a Key Enabler for ensuring Community challenges are rectified as amplify livelihoods, generating Sustainable change and long-lasting impact in Our Communities. 

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