Provide 10 Clean Water Wells for 10 Villages

Many parts of Uganda suffer from the problem of clean and safe water, even where wells exist, they don’t have enough clean and safe water for the communities. Mothers and Children spend most of their time fetching water for families, moving long life-threatening distances in search for water. It is unfortunate that our community members are mostly utilizing rain-water and swampy water which are totally unsafe for their health and well-being. It is made worse with a lack of proper toilet facilities.

During most of our community engagements, our Community Facilitators have learnt that cases of rape and defilement among children most especially on the Girl child and women have been rampant due to long distances moved in the process of searching for safer and clean water for home use. To date, we have been able to engage and sensitize the rescued girls and women on how to build back better despite of what has triggered their minds by seeking for justice and life changing opportunities. These efforts can not be achieved alone without your support as we aim to bring water sources closer to households that need clean water the most in the rural communities of Eastern Uganda.

This campaign aims at raising enough resources at least 20,000 that help us to provide at least 10 (Ten) safer and clean water wells in the 10 communities of Mayuge and Bugweri districts, Eastern Uganda that we are working with to ensure sustainable water supply and usage by the locals.

Together, with your In-Kind Financial Support, we will be able to provide stable and reliable water wells that children, women and families can access steadily on a daily basis. Consider donating to this Campaign, and Feel free to share with your Friends.

β€œLet’s Provide a Safe Water Well Together”