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Thank you for your interest to Intern with us through our ongoing Community driven programs. Please read the information below and then fill in the form to Apply.

PLEASE NOTE: This Program is Currently Only Available to People Living in outside Uganda but You Can go Ahead and Apply. You MUST be available for a FULL 12 WEEKS or As Agreed to take Part in this Program.

Before You Apply, Consider the Following Requirements:-

This Internship Placement is a once-in-a-lifetime hands-on Volunteering opportunity backed by the Wilmat Development Foundation. You don’t need Prior Skills or Qualifications to take part.

For 12 weeks or less (as Agreed), you will work side-by-side with other dedicated Volunteers from various backgrounds, Local Women Groups, Social Entrepreneurs, Schools and Communities to co-create life changing community driven projects and programs that improve knowledge, skills, incomes, livelihoods and improve lives.

During your time on the program, you will live in the Organization Preferred Accommodation (None Ugandans Only).  

You will also receive a weekly living Mentorship and Coaching. At the end of the program, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion and Transcript.

Through the program you will gain many skills and experiences that employers highly value. You will also learn how to start and develop your own Social Impact Project that will positively impact your Country or Community upon completion!

NOTE: We run programs throughout the Year, so please state your availability below and we will be back in touch when we have places available.

Before you Apply, prepare the following in Advance to support your Application process:-

  1. Updated CV/Resume here.
  2. Take Clear Colored Picture (Portrait Format)
  3. Record a One Minute (60 sec) Motivational Video (Portrait Format)

NOTE: Please be aware that this is a competitive process and only the best Applications will be Accepted.

Thank you!


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    Terms of Reference: By submitting this Application Form, I Authorize the Organization to use my picture or Video for the promotion of this program. I understand that i will facilitate myself throughout the entire Process without expecting any monetary compensation for the time spent.