Wilmats' Livelihoods,

Interventions are basically Community Driven in finding long-lasting solutions to challenges affecting Households through CLD Approaches for sustainable development. As Uganda continues to struggle with a high prevalence of poverty, food insecurity, Malnutrition, Unemployment and social inequality widen with the COVID-19 situation, Rural livelihoods still remains very poor as more than 10,000 still survive on less than One (1) Dollar per day.

These are kickstarted through Community Driven behavioral change awareness campaigns that are championed by our Dedicated Community Facilitators and Champions who enlighten household members in communities on the formation of Self-Help Groups that are aimed at boosting Agricultural Yields, Pre & Post Harvest Handling, Value chain production, jumpstart household incomes generation, Financial and Investment Literacy and skilling micro-enterprise initiatives, monitoring and follow up that are mostly led by women.

What Makes Our Livelihoods Efforts Unique?

To further sustain these livelihoods efforts, Wilmat has triggered the Power of Communities through the Introduction of VSLAs – Village Savings & Loans Associations Approach and FFS – Farmer Field Schools Approach that aims at Clustering Communities into groups with respect to their needs and desires for household development. Furthermore, Wilmat dreams of establishing the micro-finance scheme which will enable the beneficiary groups to access financial support and credit through community driven Saving and Loaning Culture. Through this Scheme, Wilmat Community Groups and individual members will be able to grow their funds profitably through informed investment decisions for sustainable Development.

Through Livelihood Efforts we Aim at:

  • Fostering Rural Women & Youth Enterprises Through Village Savings & Loans Associations (VSLA) Modeling.
  • Advancing Community Socio-Economic Status Through Savings For Investment in Agricultural Ventures (FFS Model).
  • Enhance Community Capacities through inclusive savings, Small scale business management skills, financial literacy and Investment culture.
  • Promote sustainable agricultural production through training in Climate Smart Agricultural practices and techniques.
  • Strengthen Community-based disaster risk management structures to ensure households are resilient to Climatic shock and stresses.

Among the Key Program Priorities at Hand:

  • Create Awareness on the need for Improved Livelihoods at Household Levels.
  • Enable Formation of Self-Help Groups at Community Level.
  • Facilitate Communities to Establish Low Cost-High Impact Income Generating Ventures.
  • Establishment of Community Demonstration Agricultural Farms.
  • Clustering Women & Youth into Community Driven Farmer Field Schools and Village Savings & Loans Associations.
  • Capacity Building Training for Community Clusters on Improved CSA Approaches, Financial Literacy, Savings, Business Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Creation of Community Seedbanks as a way to promote Biodiversity of endangered spices.

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