Restoring Hope for the Homeless in Kasese.

Imagine losing everyone in a family, your home, crops and other properties being destroyed by landslides, and at the same time crippling to survive with the economic hardships brought by COVID-19 pandemic. Heavy rains continue to increase water levels on Rivers, causing landslides like the recent occurrence at Kasika village, Rumoki sub-county, Kasese district. The Disaster Committee reported over 1,000 people, with women and children from over 100 households having been affected – lost homes, crops and many properties, now living with neighbors in addition to those many 2020 floods affected people living in a camp and at risk of many diseases including malaria.

Stranded people in Kasika village, Rukoki sub-county, Kasese District

In Kasese District of Western Uganda’s Rwenzori Region, hundreds of vulnerable Children and Young Moms have been displaced by heavy downpours and landslides, which have killed more than 18 people. Currently, those who survived have nowhere to stay and now living in camps imagine with less or no food to feed their children, no access to clean water, warm shelter and hygiene facilities after losing everything they had to floods. Right now, Wilmat Development Foundation and Partners, together with you, our most dedicated Volunteers and Givers, are working around the clock to restore Hope in the lives of the 100 selected households living in camps with no access to basic needs and food.

Our target is to raise at least 3000 USD and more as an enabler to quickly prepare Food packs and Hygiene items for over 200 vulnerable children and young Moms from 100 households surviving in these harsh conditions. By donating to this cause, you will not only impact the lives of the children, women and men affected by floods and at risk of being abused, but rather save humanity and create a memory of good people around the world uniting for a common cause.

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