★ Due to the High Demand of our amazing Community-focused programs, our team is highly challenged with limited funds at hand to sustain most of the projects that have been initiated by the Foundation in support of the communities, project materials, seed capital for women in business, Health care support to elderly and vulnerable children, Sponsoring a child education, means of transport to reach out to all beneficiaries in our operational areas on time. For this to become a reality, we need to raise at least $120,000 Annually a seemingly lofty goal, but certainly reachable with your generous contributions.

★ We therefore call upon each of the most generous people to join our Generous Trustees Donators for One-Time, Monthly and Annual Sponsors. We request you to Donate, Share and Invite your Friends and Family to support our Ministry both Financially and Material Gifts to ease our work. We believe that Any Generous Support is a step forward and we hope to have accumulated enough Donations to reach our $10,000 goal on a monthly Basis. Thank you for your generocity and God Bless you.