About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2014,

Wilmat Development Foundation (WDF) is a Community Based Organization registered as a Local NGO (INDR157134925NB) in 2017 with a mission of Fostering Community Cooperation and Independence of Underserved Women and Youth through promotion of Socio-Economic approaches for improved and Sustainable Livelihoods. WDF operates under four Dimensions which include:- i) Socio-Economic Empowerment, ii) Climate Smart Agriculture iii) Leadership, Advocacy and Governance and has implemented over 15 Projects across the regions of Uganda.

For 7 (Seven) years now, WDF has impacted over 10,000 Beneficiaries in various communities of Uganda and across the globe with the need to enrich more lives through improved Livelihoods, Socio-Entrepreneurship and Advocacy efforts in driving community Sustainable Development.

What Makes us Different!


  • To promote skills that enhance Socio-Entrepreneurship and Financial Independence of underserved women and youth.

  • To Empower the Underserved Women and Youths with Knowledge and Resources that help them engage in Community Development, Advocacy and Good Governance.
  • To increase Agricultural Productivity to Enhance Food Security, Environmental Protection and Incomes of Underserved Women and Youth.
  • To develop Effective Capacity Building and Management through Skills and Knowledge Development, Information Management and Networking.


Our journey in making is built on the following Values:-

  • INTEGRITY: We promote a culture of openness and transparency in our program execution.
  • TEAM WORK: We believe in strong relationships and incorporate effective combined efforts in building better communities.
  • PEOPLE PARTICIPATION: We ensure active, productive, and equal participation at all levels of program execution.
  • RESULT ORIENTED: We strive for a lasting impact by creating a climate of continuous flexibility, improvement, open to challenges and new ideas.
  • HUMANITY: We focus on human safety, improvement and well-being through addressing all vulnerability challenges wherever found.


  • Women (Differently Abled Women, Mothers, Widows).
  • Young Mothers (Teenage Mothers and Single mothers).
  • Men (Differently Abled Men, Widowers.
  • Youth (Adolescent Girls and Boys)


  • Busoga Region
  • Rwenzori Region
  • Buganda Region
  • West Nile Region
  • Nyeri County


In order to establish everlasting impacts, the organization uses a bottom-up approach that focuses on active and equal participation of individuals as a way of boosting the resiliency and independence of underserved persons at the grassroot as well as the involvement ofΒ Community members, Private sectors, National and international NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)Β to collectively Participate in the move of Empowering Underserved Communities.

Discriminatory attitudes remain a major barrier to the full inclusion ofΒ Women, Young mothers, Men and Youths (Girls and Boys). To ensure that the objectives are met, the organization focus on raising awareness on Gender disparities in the communities as a way to facilitate their inclusion and participation into developmental programs. We believe through collective efforts, we have all it takes to shape our societies and communities for everyone to live happily.

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