Bikasave - VSLA Modeling for Improved Household Incomes
The Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) are thought to play a critical role in bringing financial services to rural areas of developing countries, where access to formal financial services is typically very limited. However, evidence on the impact of these groups has been sparse. In Uganda, the Bikasave-VSLA Modeling is a significant and impactful program that was initiated by Wilmat Development Foundation and being piloted in Busoga region since 2018 to empower the community, particularly women, young positive women, and youth to save and invest jointly, leading to transformative changes within the communities served. Through this methodology has witnessed 55 savings have increased and currently owning total saving portfolio worth Ush 325,000,000 an average of 142,232 per saver. Boosted incomes through small and medium scale business operations. To date, WDF has not only championed the establishment and operations of VSLAs, we have also triggered the establishment of at least 100 small businesses and group start-ups in Busoga region a case study is the Mayuge Women groups, Musituke Tukole Womens Group and others that have initiated projects ranging from joint poultry farming initiatives, mushroom growing and soap making as a business. Others have established their own small business of hair dressing, shops and farming as a family business
Our Approach to Impactful Initiatives

Community Sensitization

VSLA Establishment

Finance Literacy & Business Modeling

Initiate Community-Led Ventures

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We are preventing vulnerabilities faced by Women & Youth through a Community-Led Humanitarian Approach.

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