How We Started

Our Foundry Story

The Wilmat Development Foundation’s founding story is one in a million stories of hope, perseverance, tenacity and focused determination a young person who was despised during his childhood as a failure and from a poor family background. Founded by Matte, he witnessed his own two siblings getting humiliated and chased out of school at the age of 14 and 15 due to early pregnancy while still at school, which not only traumatized him to think twice on what could be done to protect other girls and women not to be stigmatized in community because of them becoming teenage mothers during the career growth. Worst of all moments, he saw how his mother and other women struggled to raise their children and hardly earned from their farmlands with limited access to financial services, credit facilities due to lack of collateral, lack of school fees to pay for their children’s education and increased GBV due to misunderstanding of land ownership, revenue from agricultural produce, child neglect, violent extremism and poor harvests. The break-even point happened when he managed to attend University through individual connection to kind hearted person Judit Horvath who gave Matte a second chance to attend University for free and also think of ways on how to give back to community which gave birth to Wilmat Development Foundation in order to address these challenges better, as there are millions of women and youth like his mother and two siblings that became pregnant at a tender age who need to be socially protected and economically empowered for them to lead a better and descent lifestyle.

Strengthening Community-Led Livelihoods

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We are preventing vulnerabilities faced by Women & Youth through a Community-Led Humanitarian Approach.

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Bulamagi Epi-Center, Nawanyingi, Iganga
Nakalama Epi-Center, Mbale-Rd, Iganga
P.O.BOX 139134, Kampala - Uganda


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