• Community Engagement
    Community Development is part of what we do and engaging community members in decision
    making and implementing projects is part of transforming lives and part of what we proudly do
    since by interacting with the community we come to be part of them and learn from their experiences.
  • Climate Smart Agriculture
    We take part in introducing new farming techniques to community members in Uganda and Kenya
    that require new techniques for growth of food as well as introduce more organic ways of planting food.
  • Empowering Rural Women
    We aim at empowering women by reaching out to them so as to sharpen their skills and focus on community
    growth through organizing them in Village Savings & Loans Association so as to sustain their businesses which
    is a source of income. This is aimed at amplifying their decision making power in development.
  • Empowering Farmers
    Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is part of our ways to promote climate action by empowering
    farmers through Smart Organic Farming practices as key to fight hunger and Rrduce household Poverty.
  • Travel For Charity
    Enriching communities is our goal. We engage different persons from diverse cultures by involving them in
    our day to day community activities to create awareness on sustainable living is part of our objectives since
    each family needs a strategy for survival. We welcome individuals and groups to take part.


As the Unemployment among the Ugandan Youth and Women is escalating, there is a high demand for Hands-on Skilled-Based Education to Sustain the ever-increasing Population with Vocational Skills that aim at strengthening Participation in Livelihood programs.


We believe in the power of Youth and Women towards Enriching Communities. To appropriately harness and unlock their potential, our Social Entreprenuership Programs focuses on Scholars, community members as advocates of policy and Program developments.


We Conduct Systematic Educational Programs through impactiful needs Assessment on the fields of Livelihood, Gender, Societal Developmental as a way to enhance access appropriate knowledge and skills development opportunities for scholars at all institutions of learning.

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With immense gratitude, WDF Family would like to wholeheartedly applaud the indispensable technical and financial support provided by Individual sponsors, staff, support teams, groups, ministries, organizations and partners, in Building a Vibrant resilient and self-reliant communities throughout the years. Your unwavering support, belief and faith propelled our Vision of ‘Building Resilient and Self-Reliant Communities’ for sustainable Development at the grassroot. It is deeply satisfying to witness the impact of our model to Enrich, Empower and Educate thousands of Rural & Semi-Urban Women, young mothers, Youth and Adolescent Girls for sustainable Livelihoods. Thank you for walking this journey with the #ButterflyTeam in making our dreams a reality. You can support us by DONATING, FUNDRAISING, FOLLOWING, INVITE FAMILY, VOLUNTEER, SHARE or TRAIN with us Today!

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